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You have always dreamed of becoming a great musician and play in a great band. But how on Earth will you make that dream come truth? Easy - just take a ride on musicmaking and you've made the most important step - the beginning. This site will give you ideas that will inspire your music making experience.

Peter Stankov is writing down his (and others') ideas about guitar playing, singing, rhythm and everything you need to know about making music. From time to time there is a music piece like this here available for download (absolutely, exclusively, super, mega FREE! :-) that will serve as a lesson for you to learn from. This includes a track from Peter Stankov's latest album Cerotonine - World Music. Click here to check it out.

Music making could be a job, a hobby and a bad habbit all at the same time. Well, by bad habbit I mean that for your neighbours you have the bad habbit of making concerts they don't want :-) As a job it can make you a millionaire if you are a good business man. And as a hobby, it can be a pleasant activity you do in your garage.

So, it may be said that being able to join those three things into one is the key to becoming a succesfull musician. Because apart from being just a musician, you have to remain a human being. May be you have (or you want to have) a wife/husband, so you shouldn't let all that go in order to become a better player.

In the process of making music you come up with many ideas in your head, which are not always good for your life outside your music career. It's good to be able to play nice music - everybody would agree, but what is nice music? What is music? It is something nice you hear isn't it? So maybe if you want to make good music, you want to make good sounds or sounds that you like.

I like all kinds of music. Or at least I try to find something good in everything I hear, but sometimes it just doesn't sound good, so it goes in my music "recycle bin". Maybe it is a good piece, maybe thousands of people are crazy about it, but I don't like it, so for me it's not good and I think its makers are not good music makers eighter.

Maybe in order to make good music, you have to believe that it's good. You need to have a favorites folder and a recycle bin. Other wise you won't be able to put your music in one of the categories and thus satisfy your taste.

So, I think one thing is for sure - anybody who likes music can become a good musician. But first he has to believe in his taste and start making the music he likes. It's easy if you know what you like. Subscribe to Musicmaking newsletter for more of these encouraging ideas.

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